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Gonca Esendemir

My name is pronounced: GUN-JA

Welcome to my humble home on the web. If you came here because you heard about the Esendemir Sisters, Flatbread Grill®, or Thumb Bread®, please visit those pages.

I am currently working on Thumb Bread®, an extraordinary artisanal bread, with my sisters and writing a memoir, I hope to share with the world someday. Other than that, I live a private life off the internet, love my plants, spend time with my elderly parents, and dream about a better future for our world. I spend my ‘work days’ developing social media content, baking with my sisters, and meeting with prospective buyers for our bread. Life is beautiful, despite all the ups and downs. I’m grateful for every day I get to live.

P.S. I do not blog here or anywhere else anymore, other than writing articles and posts for LinkedIn (feel free to follow me on there: Gonca Esendemir). I spend a significant amount of time working on my memoir, writing in my journals, and writing hundreds of emails a week. I try to reserve my energy for those outlets. Time is precious. Use it wisely.

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There are videos, write-ups, and podcasts about my and my sisters’ journey that do a better job explaining things. You can check those out here.

I’m always happy to take interview requests. Please reach out via social media or LinkedIn to set it up.

Reading was my first love…

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Authors were my heroes growing up. I found solace in poets like Anne Sexton, Nikki Giovanni, Charles Bukowski, Sylvia Plath, Billy Collins, Sandra Cisneros, Adrienne Rich, Maya Angelou, Marge Piercy, and more. I carried poetry books with me everywhere. As a little girl, I read whatever I could get my hands on, even cereal boxes. My adoration of words was and is still so strong. These days, I still use a library card and always keep a book in my purse, backpack, and overnight bags. I read anything and everything, across multiple genres. I love raw, honest, and self-reflective writing, but also appreciate anything light-hearted.

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I Also Write…

I’ve been keeping a journal since I was seven years old.
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