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About Gonca Esendemir

Author, content creator, co-founder, chief marketing officer, and speaker who loves bright, bold colors, plants, and coming up with new ideas.


About Gonca Esendemir's Projects

The work we put out into the world should always be an extension of our most authentic selves, as well as exemplify our truest values.

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Gonca Esendemir's Free Tools And Tips

Want to know how to take better food photos? How about some social media advice? Here you will find free tips, tools, and guides to help you.

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Two dozen different hair colors, more style changes than an issue of Vogue, twenty plus jobs spanning various industries, a family business, two sisters and strong immigrant parents, so many beautiful souls who crossed my path that I stopped counting, and more painful endings and joyful beginnings that I can put into this intro and one thing has always remained the same: my love of words. Welcome to my little home on the internet.

Who is Gonca Esendemir?

My little sister (and best friend) sums it up. 

what's my story?

Just one small piece of my journey.


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